Pete's Log: Log Entry 295

Entry #295, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

well, just about everyone is gone. and i'm slacking. been catching up on the latest trolling trends on slashdot. played more freeciv. also took a portion of my webpage, used babelfish to translate it into french, then back, then into german, then back, then into spanish and back, then into portugese and back, and finally into italian and back. the results were quite interesting and actually remotely resembled the original. i've posted the results here.

went to hacienda with brian and em, then went to see U-571. good movie. it went along with what i've always said: "i've never seen a submarine movie i didn't like." afterwards there was the usual saturday night tv. i think i need to write up an analysis of why submarine movies are so appealing to me.