Pete's Log: Log Entry 304

Entry #304, Thu, June 01, 2000, 19:40 MDT (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
worked at the gallery today for the first time this summer. was kind of entertaining... we had some artist guy come buy who wanted the gallery to look at his work. we did some framing. we cleaned up a bit. dad has a cool new toy: an air compressor. it plugs into this device that does some sort of framing stuff, but it also has a nozzle that can be plugged into it to blast compressed air at high speeds at things. apparently the cat isn't too big of a fan, but i thought it was cool. dad also told me that it's always best if you can beat a system from the inside...

i'm looking into the possibility of going to berkely. it would be fun, i hope i can make it happen.

i love the history channel...
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