Pete's Log: Log Entry 306

Entry #306, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

worked another half-day at the gallery yesterday, dad and i made some progress on a 17-piece, $3000 framing order. i wish i had that much money to spend on framing.

also found myself watching "the real world" on mtv for some reason (i think the initial reason i didn't immediately change the channel was that i saw some good-looking girl.) that show is kinda odd, i think they cast people for that show that they know will be at odds with each other. oh well, not my problem.

went hiking today with dad, mamie, annie, and diana. we drove past blue mesa dam, past the famous parking lot where the cba week-long bike trip began (fun memories that), to hermit's point. from there we hiked down into the black canyon of the gunnison river (which has some kind of record, like biggest depth to width ratio or something... it's deep, and it's steep, and it's narrow) to a lake that was created by some smallish dam. we walked down an hour and a half to this lake, and saw a snake along the way. at the bottom we ate and looked at the water and such. then we headed back up. the way up took about two hours. i lagged behind with mamie, since she wasn't quite ready for such a hike. we saw a couple deer, one of which jumped onto the the trail we were on and starting running at us, but we won the game of chicken, for it jumped off the trail before it got to us. i apparently didn't put enough sunscreen on the back of my neck and have now become a redneck. oh well. aloe will at least make it hurt less...

i finally saw the episode(s) of voyager where they pick up seven of nine and ditch kess. i knew the basic idea of what happened, but it's good to see some details. mmmmm.... seven of nine....