Pete's Log: Log Entry 310

Entry #310, Sat, June 10, 2000, 13:51 MDT (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
last night the cei kids had some sort of dinner at our house. they made themselves pizza. the diamonds came over as well, since they were involved in that ordeal. i stayed outside by the grill with dad, mark, and the beer. we had us some good meat. later we somehow got onto the topic of france, and mark asked the question that most of us have asked, i think: "does anyone like the french?" we also talked about the euro, and about how dad defended his language in his youth by refusing to speak french to any belgians, despite being fluent in french. and i think law does say that public officials have to be bilingual. he also told a great story about he and his friends pulled the emergency brake on a busy commuter train in belgium because the conductor didn't speak flemish. their excuse: the conductor was speaking to them in a strange language (french) and they got scared. the next time they rode that train the conductor was bilingual. excellent.

glass sort of fascinates me. we framed a 32x48 artist proof print today. it wanted conservation glass, so we had to cut a 36x48 piece of that down. and that task was left to me, which scared me, but i managed to not break anything. the biggest problem with a piece of glass that size is that you can't hold it horizontally, because the weight of the glass wil cause it to shatter. so that made cleaning and fitting a bit more challenging. and then when we had it all put together, we found a rather obnoxious piece of dirt stuck to the inside of the glass.... grrrr...
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