Pete's Log: Log Entry 320

Entry #320, Sun, June 18, 2000, 23:10 MDT (Movies)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
church this morning. afterwards had pancake breakfast. saw the thompsons for the first time in forever this morning...

went biking with bruce, margie, david, mark, clay, and jane. we took the new whetstone vista trail which branches off the upper upper loop. that was fun. afterwards we went to see titan a.e. the plot was decent, the music was pretty cool, and the animation was phenomenal. i really enjoyed it. i think i might see it again on tuesday with tommy rozman. it seemed to me that a lot of the plot was written with the idea in mind that they wanted to show off cool computer animation. it was also sorta humorous.

had a barbeque tonite with just about everyone over. talked to bruce for a while about c, c++ and java. bruce is cool, he originally taught me hexidecimal back during my freshman year of high school.
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