Pete's Log: Log Entry 322

Entry #322, Wed, June 21, 2000, 00:02 MDT (Movies)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
glenn hung out at the gallery this morning, so work was a bit more entertaining than usual. went swimming this afternoon with a bunch of little people that i'm related to. played more racehorse rummy. fun game. won a game fairly well, including one hand that i won the first turn i had. yay!

went to see titan a.e. again since tommy wanted to see it. was fun, the cgi is truly amazing. during the scene in which akima is jetisoned from the dredge ship, and kale yells "akima!" i have been very tempted both times i saw the movie to yell "tetsuo!" another bonus with that movie is that it has the x-men preview. i wanna see that movie. patrick stewart, a.k.a. jean-luc picard, is gonna be professor (or is it doctor?) xavier, so that should be cool.

arun got the lam logo tattooed on his arm. kinda amusing. i think he's upped the ante as far as absurd goes. tattoos seems kinda cool in some ways, but i don't want any distinguishing features, in case i need to hide from the man (not entirely unlikely.)

it's real dark out, but clear skies. i think i might go look at stars for a while. although the moon may be coming out soonish...
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