Pete's Log: Log Entry 324

Entry #324, Wed, June 21, 2000, 20:06 MDT (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
went with a whole bunch of family up kebler pass to lake irwin. pretty stuff, that. seven of us were going to do the dyke trail that starts up there and goes down to the other side of kebler pass. before heading out, bruce drove me in the wacker's suburban to pick up my bike. its transmission kinda decided to make life difficult, and so we ended up taking the taurus up as well so that we could have backup. drove shuttle with sam and bruce, and then we were ready for the ride. it was a lot of fun. i got quite muddy, there were many little streams that crossed the trail. the uphill that we encountered at the bottom of the actual dyke was quite gruesome. i got out of breath just pushing my bike up the thing. but the downhills made it all worth while. the next mountain bike i buy will have shocks, even if i have to sell a kidney in order to afford them. went swimming afterwards to cool off and relax. talked with bruce about cs grad schools, pointer arithmetic, nasa, and various other fun topics.
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