Pete's Log: Log Entry 342

Entry #342, Tue, July 04, 2000, 23:36 MDT (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
today was rather interesting... if nothing else... woke up early and went into town. early means 7:30, which was actually too late for running in the 1/3rd marathon, so i failed to do that... worked at the gallery until 11, then we closed up to watch the parade thingy... it was fun, tho much longer than the last time i saw it. the usual water wars erupted on the return trip. wandered around, found tommy, got food... after deciding that totem pole park was unexciting we returned to the gallery and sat out there a while, until some random guy walked by and squirted us with a water gun. tommy and i decided revenge was needed, and went out in search of water guns. we didn't know the guy, but he thought we needed to be wet. so after failing at mcdells and true value, we were successful at pooh's corner. on our way in, we saw diana walking out with a water gun, which was a clear sign of trouble. tommy bought a supersoaker, and i bought a cheapo gun, plus another cheapo for mamie. we then got into tommy's jeep and went off in search of the offender, to no avail. so we returned to the gallery, where we were ambushed by diana. however, in the end she and mamie were soaked, while tommy and i were only slightly wet. we then drove mamie and diana to the condo, returned to town, and sat around some more, until annie showed up with some more spanish friends. we were introduced, then we soaked annie a little... she then bought a supersoaked, and i went along to get one as well, since i was dissappointed by my cheapo gun. we then went by the bagel shop, and kinda sat around there for a while with a bunch of people i may have known at some point. and some spanish people. i left after some time. the gallery closed soon thereafter, and tommy and i drove around some more in search of victims. finding none, we decided to search for food instead, and were victorious at the rozman ranch. johnny and marylin rozman were having a barbeque of sorts. johnny found some 30 year old fireworks he smuggled out of mexico at some time and set those off. tommy and i showed our gratitude for the food by soaking joe perko, and donna and richard rozman. it was us or them, tho. we then went to pick up annie and her friends to go see fireworks. we watched them from the town park, and they were decent. we failed to find anything cool to do afterwards, tho... so i returned home and watched voyager. all in all, good celebration of independence...
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