Pete's Log: Log Entry 344

Entry #344, Thu, July 06, 2000, 19:33 MDT (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
the debian ppc 2.2 distro arrived on two cd's from brian today. except the cd's didn't survive shipment. they kinda got stuck together and peeled off each other's little metal layers and also did this weird sorta bubbling thing. oh well. went to el dentisto today, which was fun as always. i might be o ordering my powerbook on monday. that way it'll hopefully be here by the time i get back from cali. yay. once the powerbook arrives, i think i'll have plenty to keep me occupied. among other things, i want to work on my journal script, primarily i want to improve the search feature... i think i may also change the way the database is set up, to make it more efficient. so i'll need to write some sorta scripty to port all the entries to the new db format. jeff and arun have done journal work, arun has apparently improved his, and jeff has created one that is kind of inspired by my conceptual designs of mine...
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