Pete's Log: Log Entry 355

Entry #355, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

Day two in Cali. I feel I should add a notice to yesterdays log entry: The movie "But I'm A Cheerleader" is not pornographic. I realized after Arun sent out the same disclaimer that I probably should as well. The movie is rated R, and has sexual content, but no nudity.

Started today out bumming around Telegraph some more. Arun failed to find the leather lady, and I purchased some anime. We then ate at the Mandarin House. I had egg rolls, which were quite good. Much more uniformly colored than the ones I make. They also held in heat quite well, which caused me several brief moments of pain.

Next we took off for San Francisco. We drove in on the Bay Bridge. Drove along the San Francisco harbour, and parked near Pier 39. First order of business: I bought a one-time use camera. Looked at Sea Lions and took pictures. Looked across the bay at Alcatraz and took pictures. Wandered thru a bunch of stores. Bought chocolates at "The World's Best Chocolate Store" to take home for Mom and Dad. Saw some people dressed up and painted entirely silver doing some kinda mime act. Saw several punks posing with people for pictures in exchange for donations. They were doing fairly well, although there were some people taking their pictures without giving donations. We then wandered along some more. Came upon a WWII submarine that had been turned into a National Historic Monument. The USS Pampanito (SS 383) was open for tours, so after taking some pictures, we went aboard and toured and such. Was a lot of fun, pretty neat to finally see the inside of a submarine and get a real feel for how crowded it was in there.

We then returned to the car and headed inland. I was amazed by the streets and the hills and such. Traffic was challenging, but we made it to Haight street. We were about half an hour early, so we wandered around some. I bought a pair of boots. I've been wanting to for some time. Black leather, steel toe. We then returned to Kan Zaman where we met Emily Merkler for dinner. Tried a few different appetizers and then had Beef Shish Kebab. Also tried a Lebanese beer call Almaza. It was a light pilsner and was pretty good. I was kinda dissappointed, tho, because I'd been hoping for something slightly more exotic from a Lebanese beer. After dinner we went to the bar where they had Hookas. We ordered one with strawberry tobacco and smoked it a bit. Interesting kinda thing. Arun's gonna buy one, he says. Afterwards we wandered around Haight some more, then said goodbye to Em. We then made our way back to Berkeley. I discovered that the pants I packed don't fit me, and most likely belong to one of my sisters. So my boots look kinda silly with shorts, but I put them on anyway, just to start wearing them in. I like them, though.