Pete's Log: Log Entry 357

Entry #357, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

Day 3 in Berkeley. woohoo. After calling home and such we went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. I tried a Thai Ice Tea, which was interesting, but kinda too strong for me to enjoy it regularly, I think. Had a really good spicy chicken with basil on rice. Not only was it good, it also helped clear up my sinuses a bit. On our way back to Arun's place, we spotted the leather lady, so we picked up Arun's boots (and the Iron Chef tape) and went by her stand. Arun ordered some custom boot work done, and I bought a little leather and metal wrist thing. We then headed for the South Bay area. On the drive, we saw corporate campuses for several companies, like Sun, Oracle, and SGI. Bummed around Palo Alto (had some ice cream) and got a brief glimpse at the Stanford campus. It had palm trees. Next we headed to the home of Arun's sister. Kamala and her husband Matt were nice people. Talked with them a bit, then we watched a bit of Iron Chef. Arun, Kamala, and Matt were all quite amused by it. Matt then gave us directions to the biggest Fry's in the area, and we were off again. Fry's was incredible. It was huge. It was gargantuan. Started off looking at the various Apple computers they had, including the model of G3 powerbook I want. Then we wandered off in search of digital cameras. After looking at those, some guy talked us into watching some Bose demo. That was kinda neat, they fit a lot of sound into these really little speakers. Well, tiny speakers aided by a hidden subwoofer of sorts. Then we wandered around some more. Saw many many kitchen appliances of various sorts and was tempted to buy them all. Finally after seeing a lot, we wandered towards the exit. I didn't escape without buying a yoyo (very good one) and a laser pointer. Finally we headed back to Berkeley. We ate dinner at the Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant. Ethiopians aren't into the whole utensil thing, so you just get a big plate full of food, and then some of this bread stuff that you use to scoop up the food and put it into your mouth. Very fun. The food was quite good. Good spices. Good vegetables. I also had some Tej (or maybe it was Sej), which is Ethiopian honey wine. It was pretty good, too.