Pete's Log: Log Entry 359

Entry #359, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

Today I was on my own: Arun had to work. But I managed. Spent late morning and early afternoon wandering around telegraph and a few other areas in berkeley. Bought a couple comic books. Bought the latest Harry Potter book for Diana, since she wants it. Looked at sheet music for Annie but didn't find what she wanted. Bought an Op Ivy t-shirt. Bought the cheapest pair of black pants I could find at Goodwill. Paid four dollars for them. I even like them more than any of the 50+ dollar pants that all the other clothing stores had. Had pizza at Blondies for lunch. Bought used Shonen Knife and Voodoo Glow Skull CD's and an Against All Authority CD. Spent some time in the apartment reading and listening to music. I felt safer inside since that way I wouldn't spend any more money. Changed into my new outfit, wandered around some more, wandered around the Berkeley campus some more, it's quite nice. Hung around on campus playing yo-yo and watching people. Arun showed up shortly before seven. We went to an Indian restaurant for supper. I had a really spicy chicken dish which was very good. It also opened up my sinuses pretty good. Had an Indian lager, Taj Mahal, with dinner. It was quite good, but again, not as exotic as I expected. Afterwards I was stuffed.

Jeff Squyres was the first to send me Happy Birthday wishes. He's getting married next weekend, so he figured he'd get it done now before his life goes crazy.