Pete's Log: punk rock girls

Entry #418, Sat, September 02, 2000, 01:24 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
George is on our gold couch, rather intoxicated. The latest quote: "punk rock girls are fucking yummy. yeah dude." heh. so the gibney's are in town. they rented out a dining room at the morris inn, and mamie and i were invited to eat with them. excellent. free food of decent quality. afterwards i return to the apartment and arun, perk, and lisa show up with alcohol. george shows up soon thereafter, followed by anne. many exciting things are discussed, and george, lisa, and perk have a decent number of drinks. anne leaves, lisa and perk go out to smoke, and george analyzes the music being played. a fun night in all respects. football game tomorrow. woohoo! go irish, beat aggies!
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