Pete's Log: Win one for the Gipper

Entry #420, Sat, September 02, 2000, 22:28 EST (School)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So while doing the whole cse 232 grading thing, I'm watching "cool runnings" which is a silly but amusing movie, based, i believe, on a true story. so anyway, i've seen it several times, always on the disney channel, and this time i noticed it has a nice "win one for the Gipper" reference, which is always fun.

so my cse 232 grading script survived its first real use, and tho there's a few bugs to work out for the next version, it went fairly well, nobody's homework got deleted. the biggest problem i encountered was the fun case of the infinite loop. i think i'll need to use (u)limit in order to prevent silly people from messing with my script. beyond that things work well, i think... onwards i trudge, but i leave you with this quote from cool runnings: "that's what the swiss do to psyche themselves up" "they also make those little pocket knives and i don't see you doing that!"
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