Pete's Log: responsibility

Entry #430, Sat, September 09, 2000, 23:32 EST (Music)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
a burger king commercial just played. i'm disappointed with how long it took me to hit the mute button, i had to listen to at least 3 or 4 seconds of backstreet boys. argh.

but not all music that's coming out these days is crap. my new mxpx cd arrived. "the ever-passing moment" ... the dudes have been making their sort of punk rock for like 7 or so years now. and although i'd heard the song "responsibility" before getting the cd, and found the song to be quite good, i was worried that, since i saw the cd prominently displayed at best buy, mxpx had done some sort of "musical maturing" which is always a BAD thing. so i was worried i wouldn't be happy with the rest of the cd. but my worries were unfounded. the cd proved to be more of the mxpx i know and love. the same mixture of "mellow" punk songs and energetic punk songs like responsibility, and the same mix of songs with social commentary and songs about love and such. although it does seem to me that the ratio of social commentary songs to love songs is higher on this disk than on previous. overall, i'm quite happy with the cd. it's good you can still count on some things like MxPx.
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