Pete's Log: woohoo! yay ponytails!

Entry #469, Fri, September 29, 2000, 21:37 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Woohoo. Brian, Jill, and I witnessed another ponytail victory! It's gonna be awful hard to compare tonight's game to last sunday's game. As far as the actual soccer is concerned, tonight's game was awesome. We definitely outplayed our opponent (us: 34 shots on goal. them: 2). But our opponent (Seton Hall) was, in my opinion, actually a better team than Pittsburgh. In fact, Seton Hall is 6 and 5, Pittsburgh is like 3 and 7 or something. But that turned out to be their undoing. Pittsburgh didn't even try to play offensive soccer, they kept their entire team in front of their goal. So we had a tough time scoring. Seton Hall, however, had this concept it may be able to do something on offense. That opened up their defense, and allowed us to score six goals on them. So ND is now 10 and 0. Excellent. Other things that worked in favor of this being a good game is that I got a free ND women's soccer poster. However, there were a lot more people at this game than at the last one. Including a lot of young kids. And the kids were entertaining, but it made for a lot of noise. So the game was less relaxing, despite the added entertainment value. And there was a constant long line at the refreshment stand, so I didn't get the hot dog I wanted. grrrr... but I got a poster. For free. So I think I'm really getting into this whole women's soccer scene. I'm gonna try to go to the rest of the home games. woohoo!
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