Pete's Log: take it rutgers!

Entry #473, Sun, October 01, 2000, 15:12 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
woohoo! irish women's soccer is now 11 and 0. They beat Rutgers 2-0. The first half was rather uneventful, Irish were playing against the wind (it was really windy), had no goals, and only 12 shots on goal. Second half was much more fun. We completely shut down Rutgers, they had no shots on goal, Irish had around 30 total shots on goal. The second half was extra entertaining, since I had the added bonus of two middle school girls who were on some local soccer team sitting behind me, giving a very verbose commentary of the game. I actually learned a few things from their comments, which was kinda cool. with the amount of soccer i've watched of late, i'm really beginning to want to play again. need to look into finding people to play with...
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