Pete's Log: woohoo! football!

Entry #479, Mon, October 02, 2000, 20:35 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Well, football was fun. Interesting. I really have no comparison for how this game is supposed to be played, but apparently it was much more physical than it was supposed to be. All the football I've played has been either tackle (which I think is the most fun, but I enjoy abuse) or fairly physical two-hand touch with little rules. But the rules for this game (which were never fully detailed to me) were designed to make this very non-physical. And the other team apparently violated a lot of the rules and played more physical than they should have. So we ended up losing 48-0. But that's ok. I had fun. I need to do this kinda stuff more often. And I got to meet some cheg grad students. I think the team was half cheg grad students and half cse grad students (Paul, Rob, Mike Niemier, and I).
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