Pete's Log: stupid lack of soccer

Entry #497, Sun, October 08, 2000, 16:45 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So I bike to campus, all psyched to play some soccer, and to my great disappointment I am unable to find the people who were supposed to be playing soccer. grrrrr.... so I went to fitz and answered a couple 232 questions and bugged Brian and George. Then there was a fire alarm. I convinced Brian and George to kick the ball around with me a little while we waited for the fire department people to let us back in. so that was fun. then i biked home again which was fun. it rained for the first half of the trip, and it was rather cold out, but damn the torpedoes, i was gonna enjoy some physical activity today. so i did. i'm slowly beginning to feel good effects from this biking several miles on most days thing. i think i'm gonna try to start hitting the "schlappy" for a half hour or so before going home in the evening.
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