Pete's Log: drug laws, speed, football

Entry #510, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

So the history channel has been playing documentaries about illegal drugs of late. I've found it very interesting that a lot of drug laws were originally created because of prejudice. Opium was banned in San Francisco because they thought that chinese immegrants were using it to seduce white women. Marijuana was banned in the southwest during the great depression, because mexican immegrants used it and the southwest wanted to have excuses to deport them, since the need for cheap labor was no longer there during the depression. Cocaine was banned in the southeast because people believed it made black workers have superhuman strength and caused them to rape white women. An interesting trend I knew nothing about.

Went running at rolfs again today. Improved my maximum speed while biking to campus to 33.5 mph. I don't know how much better I can get it... it's a short hill... I had to pedal pretty hard to get past 32 mph. I think my maximum speed ever was riding down gothic road from mt. crested butte to crested butte. I think it was freshman year of h.s. I got above 40 mph, but I don't remember by how much. It was fun. My stupid knee is bothering me so I only ran for fifteen minutes today. Now I'm icing it, in the hopes that I can get it to resubmit to my will.

ND remained at #20 in the AP poll, but jumped to #22 in the Coaches poll. The broncos are playing the Browns, but it's once again not on tv here. Stupid local programming.