Pete's Log: funky green plant thingy

Entry #519, Sat, October 21, 2000, 01:04 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
so I really should add some automatic means of gathering referal data, since most of them are fairly uninteresting. but then you get people doing searches for stuff like "funky green plant thingy" and you just gotta wonder what the hell they're expecting to find, but they find your log. hrmm...

Went to dinner tonight with Lisa, George, and Chris at Parisis. Decent food. An entertaining time. Lifted with George before that. George is evil. We did three different varieties of bench presses. I'm hurting, and it's only gonna get worse.

So I've decided to name my OS project "OSKSI" ... other candidates were "pwrOS" (or maybe "powerOS"), "LTOS" (a not-so-clever play off another os project of mine), "SOS" (semi-operating system), VeritOS, "CAOS" (Cool Ass OS, suggested by George), and "FOS" (Fast OS, suggested by Lisa). OSKSI and CAOS were the two best candidates, but I decided against CAOS because OSKSI amused me greatly and because I found two separate KAOS projects (both of which thought "Kick Ass OS" was a good project name).

After some frustrating 232 grading work I added comments to my 542 p3, and decided to begin work on 542 p4, the hot potato. This promises to be fun and even kinda challenging (with any luck), so naturally Brian and I decide elevated consciousness is needed for our respective projects, so Captain Morgan is now one of my resources listed for p4. Woooohoooooo!!!
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