Pete's Log: happy soccer day

Entry #558, Sun, November 05, 2000, 18:19 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So first of all, I was informed by my grandmother last night that Ryan Sisson's high school soccer team took state in new mexico, which is pretty freaking cool. Yay them.

The Big East championship game between ND and UConn was definitely a close one. UConn scored the only goal of the game, but luckily against themselves. So ND goes on to become the 2000 Big East champions! yay! The big disappointment of the game, however, was the fact that they took tv timeouts! hello, this is soccer, there are no timeouts! grrr...

Bought myself a pair of cleats. They were on sale, 20% off, so I chose the right day to go cleat-shopping. I also realized today when I tried to find my shinguards that although I still have both ankle guards, I only have one shin guard remaining, which is odd. So maybe I'll buy another pair of those some day.

Soccer was fun again. Fewer people showed up, the most we ever had was three on three. Thanks to my cleats I did a lot less sliding around, was able to control the ball better, and got three or four goals. Yay! I love soccer.

So it looks like my entertainment for tonight will be the season premiere of the simpsons at 8. I'll probably also be icing my right thigh, I did something to it on thursday, and today it got much worse. grrr... we'll see. Luckily my 9:30 tomorrow is cancelled, so I get to sleep in.
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