Pete's Log: yay broncos!

Entry #590, Tue, November 14, 2000, 00:32 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Well, the broncos have made me happy. I was slightly worried, since they're building a new stadium, and mile high is such a nice place since it meets the two requirements that all football stadiums should have: it's got natural grass, and it's open air. So I was worried that Denver might sell out and do either a dome or go with turf or both or something. But their new stadium is gonna be open air and it's gonna have natural grass, so life is good. If you're a mile high and you've got the weather on your side the way you do in Denver, you just need to do go play out in the open on real grass.

The other cool thing is that runs linux, apache, and php 4. woohoo!

The game against the raiders started out well, we intercepted oakland on their first possession and had a TD within five minutes. Then Griese got injured. Doh! But he came back into the game, but we ended up down 7-10 at halftime. But it's all good. Thanks to an Elam field goal with four seconds to go we ended up winning 27-24. Woohoo!

So out of curiosity I checked to see if there's any ND grads playing for the broncos. The only ND grad on their roster is Jarious Jackson, who's third string QB.

So granted, pro football doesn't hold the same level of interest for me as college football, but cheering for the broncos definitely allows me to feel a connection to home, and I happen to like my home state. A lot. So go broncos! Besides, here at ND when it comes to college football, everyone is cheering for the Irish. With pro football I can at least get into an irrational argument with people about how the broncos are better than whatever team they cheer for.

In other sports news, ND stayed at #11 in the BCS. Next week has two interesting games, Florida (bcs #4) v. Florida State (bcs #3) and Oregon (bcs #7) v. Oregon State (bcs #9). The latter game is more likely to have an effect on our ranking than the former... but both should have an interesting effect on the bcs in general...
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