Pete's Log: megashopping

Entry #607, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

Brian and I went to meijer. We had a big list. We bought much more than was on the list. But now we're ready for tomorrow. We've got rolling rock, coors, dos equis (special lager), and labatt blue (stupid canadians, they only give you 11.5 ounces of beer in a bottle... what a ripoff). We have two cases of mountain dew and a case of dr pepper. We've plenty of food. Amazing. We also realized that we've never bought beer in cans for our apartment. We've had beer given to us in cans, but we've never bought it. So there's an uptime worth maintaining. Now it's time to figure out if there's anything worth doing tonight other than sitting around and drinking beer.