Pete's Log: i've got hairbands!

Entry #640, Fri, November 24, 2000, 23:40 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
woohoo! we went shopping. Along with various things we needed for basic survival (beer, milk, bread) I bought myself hairbands. But not just hairbands. "Ouchless" hairbands. Since my hair is long enough to pull it back into a ponytail, I shall now attempt to do so from time to time. And reliable sources tell me that using regular rubber bands (like I have done in the past whenever my hair was long enough) isn't a good idea.

My shell is kinda done. It works so long as I don't try anything weird. If I run it inside itself, the new shell will fail to execute any programs. Bizarre. I've not quite figured that one out yet. And bcheck still doesn't like my shell. Stupid bcheck. But beyond that things seem to work. I have a feeling that the bcheck and the shell within the shell problems may be related. But then again maybe not. Who knows.

The Reverend Horton Heat made an appearance on the Drew Carey show tonight. Yay Reverend Horton Heat! Yay Drew Carey! Boo TCU for beating up on SMU 62-7. And the fourth quarter is just beginning. At some point you're gonna need to just be nice and put in your third string. But TCU is likely to be unhappy that they're getting no respect from the polls. So they take out their agression on a team that, like most of TCU's opponents, has no chance. Other results: Arizona State beat Arizona. BYU beat Utah, just barely, in an amazing last minute comeback. I don't know if anything else of interest happened. Everyone, especially ABC and ESPN, have been hyping the ND-USC game tomorrow.
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