Pete's Log: I'm ok...

Entry #657, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

I'm a bad motherfucker, oh yes I am you mothers, come on!

Punk-o-rama. Insult courtesy the Queers. Last night ended up not too bad. I got about five hours of sleep. A definite improvement over the night before. Showed up on campus in punk garb and ready to cause damage. So the obvious way to begin was to go to my advanced comp arch class and learn about branch prediction. Ain't no better way to be a menace to society than by predicting branches. We got back everything we've turned in so far today. Got an A on the midterm and a combined 14.5 out of 15 on all the rest of the assignments. I'm gonna call myself content.

Brian just had to go and find a bug in my parser code. I'm generous and give him my code and he goes and finds a bug in it. Figures. Actually, it was a stupid bug, I was messing up my buffering. But the bug was only exposed when input wasn't line-buffered. A.k.a. when input was from some file instead of from the terminal. Which caused trouble for .ushrc. Oh well. Two lines of code later all is well. We also discovered a fundamental flaw in the general parser design, but one which is present in Dr Freeh's parser as well, and one which is actually a bug not only in the parser design, but the overall shell design both of us chose. It would only require minor reworking of my parser, but would require major reworking of how my shell executes jobs. And since the bug is present in Dr Freeh's parser, I don't think I'm gonna worry about it. So there.