Pete's Log: rogersville, ho!

Entry #769, (Travel)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

woohoo, I've made it to beautiful Rogersville, MO. And they even have computers here, so I've been able to check email and such. Packed up and got out of CB by 9 am monday. In Gunnison I had a brief adventure because I had to find where the motor vehicle registration people were, they weren't in the building they were supposed to be, they'd moved across town. But eventually I got plates: 059-BMZ. Then off to Manhattan, KS. Took 50 east, then 96, then some brief trip on some unimportant highway to catch 40 east, then I70. Kansas was tons o' fun. The sunset was actually real impressive, due to the lack of anything, shadows got real long, and the sky turned a cool purple color in front of me. The full moon rose due east as well, in the middle of this cool purple color. It was neat. Then darkness hit, and I proved just how stupid I am. I was on a nice empty, fourlane, straight stretch of I70 and got pulled over for doing 88 in a 70 zone. That's a $80 ticket. Fuck! that's a lot of money. But I deserved it, I did get a warning less than two weeks ago and hitchhiker Rich had given me some great advice: "just go the speed limit, set the speed control, and enjoy the scenery" ... so alls I could do was laugh at myself. Good thing is I have until march to come up with the money. Made it to Donna's place by 9:30 central time, so about 12 hours driving time. Her place is quite nice. She took me to dinner at a manhattan brewing company. Had a really good bacon cheddar burger and a good kansas microbrew. This morning I visited the K state campus. Saw Donna's studio, it's neat, and she had a lot of cool stuff to show me. Then toured the campus, it looks nice. Left manhattan at about 11 am, had an uneventful drive to perk's place, made it here in about 5 hours. My impression of MO: lots of trees, pretty in that rustic sort of way, and shitty roads. And I'm still wondering where the term "turnpike" comes from.