Pete's Log: comp arch notes

Entry #958, (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

disenfranchised. I wonder if I could franchise myself. The concept seems particularly absurd cuz right now I'm at the proper level of sleep deprivation for words like "franchise" to sound ridiculous. Franchise. Baptize. Outside. Spork. Petaflop. Words are funny. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a mental hypochondriac. Not really, but the thought itself is delightfully amusing to me. "I think I have this mental condition that causes me to think I have mental conditions." Recursive recursion. The best kind, obviously.

I feel better now.

Materialism. I am a materialist. I own things, and I like owning things. In many ways, much of what I own is junk. Objectively, my quality of living would not be affected much (if at all) if I were to rid myself of a large portion of the things I own. And, in fact, most of what I own is really a burdern. If I want to take off and move, I'd have to pack all this stuff up to take it along. I should get rid of it all. But I like it. I'm a materialist.

I wonder how much a job at CBA would pay.

"job" ... heh heh heh ... words are funny.

But the issue of franchising is still unresolved. I wonder how much people would be willing to pay for the rights to behave like me. "For a one-time fee of $200, you, too, can be an attention-deficient geek-boy! Dreadlocks sold separately."

I'd love to see a movie in which, during an excessively dramatic scene, some guy, on his dying breath, begs a friend "Please ... tell my wife ... I always thought of her ... while masturbating."

God loves me. I'm just not sure why.