Pete's Log: and my parking spot was still there when I got back

Entry #960, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

Mission accomplished: I now have a stapler and a bunch of staples on my desk at the ssr.

So the problem with waking up at midnight is that there's not many people around once I finally get to campus. But that's ok. So since I've not been on a regular sleep schedule in a long while, I decided now wasn't the time to start. So I went home and went to sleep at 18:00. Slept till after midnight. Watching tv, took a stapler to campus, wondering if I'd fall asleep if I tried now. History channel is doing a show on the mutiny on the bounty. To my dismay, I realized that no longer resolves. Perhaps I should fix that.

I really want to add a digest sort of feature to the log mailing list thing. Give people the option to receive individual entries, or to get a digest once a day or once a week, or to get a digest after xyz K of entry text has amassed.

So I've been reading random diaries at, finding them amusing. And I realized, the biggest problem with the terms "log" and "journal" is that it really just kinda sounds silly to start out an entry with "dear log," or "dear journal," ... not that I'd really want to start out entries with "dear diary," but it's just a thought, right?

I would like a subscription to "Cat Fancy" magazine. But I'm unwilling to pay for one.