Pete's Log: ow. yay! ow! yay!

Entry #963, Wed, April 11, 2001, 23:08 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So given the choice between 1. studying graphics, 2. doing some preparation for comp arch tomorrow, or 3. playing soccer in the rain, the obvious choice is 3. So got to Stepan field at about 8. Pretty soon, there were 13 of us. Yay! So we played for at least two hours. I hurt so much. I am so out of shape. But it was so much fun. I love soccer. I had three or four goals. So aggression was released in a controlled fashion. I was pretty worthless on defense, though, mainly because I had a tough time getting my ass from one side of the field to the other. And to think I used to be good at midfield. And I made a big realization today. I suck at communication on the field. Need to work on that.

So this is probably the first time I've played soccer against a girl wearing a dress. That was interesting. I played with George Coppinger and his crew, so there were several people there I didn't know. It was fun. But getting up tomorrow ain't gonna be easy...
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