Pete's Log: eight piggies in a row

Entry #1332, Thu, December 05, 2002, 00:25 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 24 years old.)
The gratuitous Kirby dance (spotted on TMOL) is the greatest thing I've ever seen:

(>'-')> <('-'<) ^('-')^ v('-')v <('-'<) ^( )^ (>'-')> ^(^-^)>

Thanksgiving was fun. Meg and I drove to her Grandfather's place South of Springfield on Thursday. We were greeted with lots of food. Yum yum yummy yum. The dogs came too and got to run around outside a bunch. Without leashes. Terribly exciting. Friday we drove to her parents' place in Springfield and stayed there until Sunday.

I gave TCEs in class today. I told my students not to be too mean. I asked that if they write "this class was a joke" that they at least add "but it was a funny one."

I may have cyclothymia. More on that later.
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