Pete's Log: baby signs

Entry #1872, Thu, November 12, 2020, 09:35 CST (JB)
(posted when I was 42 years old.)

We never taught JB any baby sign language, but she's picked some up at daycare. For the most part we haven't had any trouble figuring out what she means, since she'll either use words along with the signs or we can look up online what a given sign means.

The past few days, however, she's been doing this up-and-down clapping motion while saying "do do do" and we for the life of us couldn't figure out what she was trying to communicate, even as she looked at us expectantly. This morning when I dropped her off at day care she was being a little clingy and the woman at the door enticed her by telling her they'd be singing baby shark.

I didn't make the connection until I got back home and told Jamie about it. She wasn't using baby signs — she wanted us to sing baby shark with her! We looked up a video, and sure enough that up-and-down clapping motion is what the cool kids do for that song. Ah parenting life.

She does really seem to get a lot out of daycare. Despite a few recent episodes of clinginess at drop-off, she generally looks real happy in the pictures they send us and being around other kids (even though there are only three others in her class) has to be good for her. And she's obviously learning more than she would just hanging out with us while we try to do work.

Yet I came real close yesterday to deciding it was time to pull her out. Then I did a bit of internet research and came across a Yale study that came out a couple weeks ago that daycare centers seem to not significantly spread Covid. Of course that study completed before this recent surge, but it sounds like infants and toddlers for whatever reason don't really spread this disease in the way that they spread flus and colds. So for now, JB stays in daycare.

Instead we'll just keep locking down more of the rest of our lives.

It does help that the daycare seems to take their procedures pretty seriously. A few months ago when Jamie mentioned to her obstetrician that we were thinking of putting JB back in daycare, she asked which one, and when Jamie told her, the obstetrician approved. So there's that. Still hard to feel like I'm not just making excuses though.

We ordered Sushi last night. JB is getting more and more into it. She ate two pieces of sweet potato roll and one piece of a boiled salmon, avocado and cucumber roll. We no longer deconstruct the rolls for her, she now eagerly eats the whole piece, including rice and seaweed. It's super cute. She also ate a bunch of Udon noodles, chicken, onion, and carrots. All the decorative orange slices. And miso soup, including the seaweed and tofu. She kept asking for more (saying "more soup" while doing the sign she learned for more). But her new favorite is the pickled ginger, which she could not get enough of ("more gigo!"). Can't say if it'll last, but right now she's a good eater.

I'll close this out with a picture of a recent artistic collaboration (she really likes Boba Fett):


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