Pete's Log: JB Update

Entry #1875, Fri, January 15, 2021, 21:37 CST (JB)
(posted when I was 42 years old.)

Yesterday morning JB turned on the receiver, changed the input to phono, adjusted the volume, and hit play on the record player. When Bob Marley started playing a few seconds later, she looked immensely pleased with herself. Granted, it was probably luck that she got the input set to phono, but still... she knows what she's doing.

"Mine" has become a favorite word.

Two of the other kids in her daycare group got moved up to the next level. She knew them both by name and spoke of them fondly. Hopefully she'll catch back up to them. In the meanwhile, another kid Ben got moved up from infants to her class. When this happened I asked her if she was going to show him the ropes. Since then, she's repeated "Ben Ropes" many times either before or after school. I kinda hope she says it while there as well.

A few days ago JB added the word love to her vocabulary. Her first use was "I love Bear" but it only took a day or so before she added "I love Mama" and "I love Daddy." I don't have words for the emotions this makes me feel.

She's moved up to four-word sentences, although 2-3 word phrases remain the norm. Her first and most-used four-word sentence is "turn the light on."

Her dancing is becoming more elaborate, with arm movements coordinated to her leg/hip movements.

She continues to be into the moon, asking often to see it. Lately I've had to keep explaining to her that the moon is new or near-new and besides it's been cloudy. But tonight the waxing crescent moon snuck out behind the clouds and she was excited to see it. I continue to practice waxing/waning and gibbous/crescent with her.

Her reach is to the point where anything within a few inches of the edge of the table or counters is fair game. She's definitely keeping us on our toes.

She likes to lean in towards Boogie with an open mouth for some doggie kisses. It's both cute and gross.

The world might be crazy, but JB keeps us grounded.

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