Pete's Log: JB astronomy update

Entry #1877, Fri, January 22, 2021, 20:48 CST (JB)
(posted when I was 42 years old.)

Time: Fri Jan 22 5:55 PM, Visible: 4 min, Max Height: 47°, Appears: 30° above W, Disappears: 16° above NE

When you subscribe to NASA ISS updates such as the above, they make you resubscribe every year. After years of staying subscribed, I somehow managed to get unsubscribed a year or two ago. But I finally realized and got myself signed back up again.

It's been real cloudy here lately, though. The cloudiness has impacted our moon-watching too. JB will ask to see it and we'll have to explain it's too cloudy. The one recent day that the sky was clear it was a new moon, so I had to explain that to her too.

But tonight things went our way. I set an alarm for 5:50 so we'd remember to go outside. It's pretty cold today, so we all got bundled up. Jamie was the first to spot the station. It was fun to watch, and JB seemed into tracking it as well.

We also saw the waxing gibbous moon (I'm continuing to practice waxing/waning and crescent/gibbous with JB) as well as Orion. A good evening of suburban skywatching.

Later as we were hanging out inside, JB would keep bringing it back up. "Space Station! Zoom!" (she'd trace an overhead arc with her hand as she said "zoom") then "Outside. Brrrrr! Orion's Belt!"

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