Pete's Log: March 10, 2021

Entry #1900, Wed, March 10, 2021, 22:25 CST (JB)
(posted when I was 42 years old.)

We've kept JB home from school the past three days. She's been just a little sniffly and congested, but these days require a high threshold for going to daycare. Although Jamie and I feel pretty convinced that whatever bug JB has, she picked up at daycare. Other than the bit of congestion, she's been her happy and energetic self.

We took Monday and Tuesday off. Today was a work day. It's weird to think back and remember that JB was at home for the first four months of the pandemic. I guess one thing that made it easier to work with her at home back then was that she was less mobile. I think she took her first steps about one month into lockdown.

Yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather and got the outdoor Christmas lights down and finally put up our little free library. It looks real nice in front of the house. Now I'm just eagerly awaiting the first time I see somebody use it.

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