Pete's Log: Log Entry 391

Entry #391, Sun, August 06, 2000, 23:08 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
weehoo... installing netscape so i can more easily read documentation... i'd use lynx but there are too many lynx-unfriendly sites. besides, with netscape i can look at hentai whenever i need a dynamic renewal of purpose... er...

went to meijer and walmart. we were unsuccessful in our attempts to find drapes/blinds/curtains for the windows. but we found christmas lights, i got some hangers, and tabasco sauce, since we have eggs, and scrambled eggs just ain't right without tabasco. we also got a lamp for the living room. esgeroth is now playing mp3's thru the sound system, which sounds a lot better than my cheapy walmart speakers ever did... next project is to get a dhcp server running on esgeroth so that brian's machine (a.k.a. the gremlin) can connect to esgeroth and thus have a chance at connecting to the outside world. also, we need to get a small lamp with a dim, colored light bulb that can be x-10 controlled and thus used by esgeroth to indicate whether or not the modem is connected... since this is something we've deemed necessary so that we don't pick up the phone when the modem's dialed in... something we've already done a few times...
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