Pete's Log: Log Entry 392

Entry #392, Mon, August 07, 2000, 18:40 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
being back in geekland, i have returned to a need to regularly read slashdot. however, my first time doing so i found sad headlines at the top: Alec Guinness is dead. See Arun's journal for a much better tribute than I could give the man.

i have begun trying to shape order out of the chaos which is my room. i, personally, and solely, am fighting the battle against entropy. watch out thermodynamics, here comes pete! i have placed my few pieces of furniture in what i believe to be the best possible locations for them (except for the bookshelf, it is in the second-best location for it, the best location for it would have caused it to block a vital cable outlet ... and some electric sockets i may have need for later...). the bed is underneath the window, but about a foot away, enough room for a little stool to fit between the bed and the wall to hold a lamp and my alarm clock. the entertainment center we got from jeff (which was too small to hold brian's tv, so it got transferred to my room) is across from the bed so i can lie in bed and watch my little tv. next to the entertainment center, but about two or three feet away is the bookshelf. the gap, tho annoying at first, may work out to be in my best interest, since it opens up some interesting wall space to decorate. already my diploma has found a happy home there. between the door into my room and the door into the gargantuan closet is a chest of drawers, also pilfered from jeff's place. on top of this chest i built my shrine.

since my dad worked for many years at a large international catholic charity organization, i've met many catholics from all over the world. these people had a tendency of giving me exotic religious items. however, when i left for college, i left behind just about anything of value because 1. i didn't trust for their safety in a college dorm environment, and 2. i would have to move every 9 months. so now that i have a place where there's a good chance i'll be living here for several years, i've decided to bring with me all my odd cherished items. and the top of the dresser and the wallspace extending above it have become the designated home for all the items with spiritual significance. well, most of them... the tv goes on the entertainment center...

went to campus... stopped by oit solutions center, picked up info on their deals for powerbook g3's. they looked pretty good. went by fitz, talked with paul and rob... saw Dr. Freeh, talked with him and paul and rob about machines, looks like i'll probably be getting back the machine formerly known as gemini. i can deal with that. however, the ssr has decided to go with a uniform naming scheme for all its machines: C keywords. So, my desktop machine shall be malloc, and my laptop shall be realloc. went back by oit, ordered powerbook g3/500 mhz with an extra 128 megs of ram for a total of 256 megs o' ram. for the first time ever, i believe, i have ordered for myself a machine that makes me drool at the thought of it. we went by target, picked up answering machine, went by radio shack, picked up stuff to hook cd player to entertainment center and parts to make our "on air" light for esgeroth.
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