Pete's Log: bike-o-rama

Entry #426, Thu, September 07, 2000, 16:59 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Woohoo! Today I woke up at 9:15. My Kogge Arch class started at 9:30. So, I took a shower, and biked in. Ten minutes late to class, but I made it, so there! Of course, my original intention had been to go back home right after class to sleep some more, so I didn't bring realloc. Oh, what a mistake that was, for today I have been busy, and shall not make it back until at least 4:45 or so. And I TA at 6, so I need to be back by then. Maybe I'll just eat dinner on campus.

Went to the GSU office to get the GSU AFS password. Then had lunch at Huddle with Brian. Then went to CCMB to request more AFS quota. Then to Pasquerilla East to help Rosemary Gibney with her new ibook, which finally arrived. Poor girl, having to deal OIT bs so early in her ND career. She apparently went by the solutions (not!) center two days ago, they told her it wasn't in yet, she returns to her room, and there's a voice mail from before she stopped at the solutions center, telling her her computer is in. She goes back, and it's there. Wow. But she already had it set up and working, she just had a few general questions about stuff. It is a cute little machine. I wouldn't wanna trade my g3 powerbook for it, but it has a neat space-age looking metallic trackpad. So I spent more time just discussing school and such with her than actually helping with the whole computer thing.

Next mission: Brian and I decide to bike to Best Buy. I need to look at hard drives for the gsu, and he wants music. So, we leave at 13:40, stop by CCMB to drop off my filled out afs form, and off we are on our way to best buy. We manage to get there in under 20 minutes. Nice. I pick up headphones, look at hard drives, then we get a new mouse for esgeroth, stand in line for a few hours, and finally bike back to campus, arriving here shortly before 15:00. Not bad at all, except I'm a bit warm now.

I am now apparently getting several hits a day to the log from people who did searches on google-powered search engines for various things involving hentai. The apparent culprits are log entries 374 and 391. And now this entry, too, I suppose. About two thirds of the hentai hits are searches that also involved the x men, but there have been ones involving Daria, batman, and computer animation. There have been a bunch of amusing ones over the past several weeks that don't involve hentai: "flemish stew," "x-men erotic gallery" (which i guess sorta fits into the hentai category), "Bose McDonalds France," "php chess," "bobby flay fan club," "perko compass," "geriatric violence" (that one cracks me up), "tharco," "mcdonalds nudity," "watergun pictures," "'star trek' 'the voyage home' script kidney," "nuclear alameda," "tokyo red street girls" and many more that were less interesting. I love my log, especially the fact that so many of the people that find it are looking for nudity or erotic or hentai...

Just came back from a talk about Scout OS by some guy from Princeton. Kinda interesting. Talks about different ways of scheduling and stuff...
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