Pete's Log: entertainment...

Entry #488, Thu, October 05, 2000, 02:37 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
so sometime after eight i bike back to campus. woohoo. hang out around fitz for a while, harassing various shady characters... also spent some time looking at obfuscated code with branden moore. fun. then head over to senior bar with arun, perk, george, and bad andy. we run into anne in front of bar. inside, i see arnie! so arnie and i talk it up a bit, catch up on stuff. fun fun. then i find rebecca weber, and we talk pirates for a little while before moving on to discussions of infinity and other fun subjects. then i go to nick's with anne, which was fun. i'd not been to nick's all semester, so it was good to see the place again. and it's always fun to hang with my gymnastics coach. afterwards i helped her remember to get gas and remove a flyer from her windshield. all in all a good night, i think. and my bike is still functioning. i think that's the first time in a while that it's survived a round trip intact. woohoo!
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