Pete's Log: dat is ook helemaal fantastisch

Entry #748, Sun, December 17, 2000, 22:00 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Last night I was asleep within 10 seconds of my head hitting the pillow. Then I was awakened by the phone at 8:30 am. Mom reminding us it was time for mass. I made no promises that I would be there and seriously didn't think at the time I would make it. But somehow I managed to wake Mamie and stumble across town. It turned out to be worth it, I think. Got to see various people. And I got to hear Father Jim say "If anyone says anything about the pink, they're in a world of hurt." ... heheh. I love that man. I also realized during mass today that there was a reason he was wearing pink: it's the third sunday of advent. Which makes me wonder, what happened to the first two? I must've missed them. Oops.

Then we had brunch at home. That was good. I gave in and had one cup of coffee, due to the massive headache I was experiencing. But that's all the caffeine I've had today, and my had is again in pain. Stupid physical dependence. Dad and I went to the Rozmans and watched the Broncos lose to the Kansas City chiefs. It was sad. But I got to see Richard and Tommy, which was fun. The raiders somehow managed to lose to the seahawks (!!!) yesterday, and a win today for the broncos would've put them on top of the division. But that didn't happen. The broncos looked awful. But I got to see Jarious Jackson make his first NFL appearance. Frerotte got shaken up on a play, so Jarious got to go in as broncos qb for one play. Not a very good one, it was second and 29. He threw an incomplete pass. But that's better than an interception or a fumble or a sack... After the broncos loss, we stuck around to watch more football, since weather conditions and such prevented us from leaving at that time. I dozed off several times. It was nice. It felt so good to have no concerns plaguing me and keeping me from just falling asleep. Then the weather cleared up enough for us to get home. Dad cooked up some good food for dinner. And now it is time to do some of the things I failed to do before leaving SB.

I had some other random thoughts while flying yesterday that I forgot to record. Our flight from Denver to Gunnison was late but went alright. However, Julie, our flight attendant on that flight, is definitely the funniest flight attendant I've ever had. Quite amusing. I also realized that airports are real pretty at night. Not the inside, but the view from the plane. The runway lights just look pretty, especially as you're approaching and such. I really like flying, it's just the crap you have to deal with in getting on and off the plane. Once we start taxiing, I like it. I think I'd really like to learn to fly someday. But that's yet another one of those goals that may or may not be realized...

Depending on the weather, we're gonna drive to gunnison tomorrow. And with any luck, I'll drive back in a new car. yay!
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