Well, starting in high school, I had this habit of writing poetry from time to time. That sort of continued into college, but it's not something I've done in a long time.

The octothorpe and folly of the elven general still make me laugh. The others I'm a torn about. I've decided, despite my first impulse to omit poems I don't like anymore, to present to you all the ones I found. They are some sort of representation of who I used to be. The list below is in reverse chronological order.

  • octothorpe (February 2000)
    This poem is inspired by that greatest of ascii characters...
  • The folly of the elven general (February 2000)
    This is "An Interpretive Dance in Verse Form" ... a creation from during an art history class.
  • Lend Me Your Ear (1994 or '95)
    The word "moin" is a german slang word that just kinda means "hi" ... beyond that i've little to say about this one.
  • 14 meaningful words (and one other) (1994 or '95)
    This one involved me trying out different things. oh, and girls.
  • Confusion (1994 or '95)
    girls (and their tendency to ignore me) definitely had something to do with this one...
  • Opposites (1994 or '95)
    chances are i was obsessing over some girl or another when i wrote this...
  • Nonsense (1994 or '95)
    fun with words...
  • Poem (1994 or '95)
    In search of inspiration...
  • The Bee (1994 or '95)
    I seriously don't quite remember what I was thinking when I wrote this, but I know I was not suffering of any skiing injuries.
  • Abbreviations (1994 or '95)
    There was a certain point early in my high school career that I this sort of "loss of innocence" experience... I had up until that point naively assumed that my schoolmates were all as well-behaved as I was, but all of a sudden I found out that more than half the people at the school were using drugs of some form or other.
  • A Hymn (1994 or '95)
    I still really like this one, I had some fun playing with ambigous sentences. This also seems to be the first poem that actually had a message other than "i like to go skiing"
  • Untitled (1994)
    Yet another poem inspired by my love of skiing.
  • Powder (1993)
    This is the earliest poem I can remember having written. It was an assignment for the english class I had with Dave Rothman. I was supposed to write a poem to express some kinda feeling, and this was during my first winter in Crested Butte, so skiing was something that made me very happy. This kinda kick-started the habit, as it allowed me to discover that I could express my feelings through words...