Pete's Log: Nebraska 27, ND 10

Entry #1097, Sat, September 08, 2001, 23:03 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
Well, my sixth football season at ND has begun in a manner none of the others have: with a season opener loss. Today ND was defeated at Nebraska by 17 points. At first glance, this loss is really frustrating. At times our team looked really bad. But thinking about it a little more, we ended the first quarter down 17-0, but then managed to be even with Nebraska over the remaining three quarters. I think after being shook up a little bit at first, our defense actually managed to look decent for the last three quarters of the game. Unfortunately, I don't think the same can be said for our offense. We had one good drive that ended in a field goal. Other than that, I think our offense did not look so good. Our touchdown came after a blocked punt that left us inside the Nebraska ten. I was especially unimpressed with LoVecchio, he made quite a few poor passing decisions. But I am optimistic. Our next game we will go into with a bit more experience, and I think we should do alright for ourselves. I just don't understand why somebody thought it was a good idea for our first game to be at Nebraska, especially with them already having played a couple games. Oh well, at least I got some really good food while watching the game at Paul's house.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of college football: I'm rather enjoying watching Fresno State this season. They are now 3-0, which seems completely unexpected, considering whom they've played so far.
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