Pete's Log: praise the lord and pass the ammunition

Entry #1098, Sun, September 09, 2001, 21:14 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
I now own my third DVD: Princess Mononoke. This makes me happy. Mamie gave it to me as a late birthday present. Mamie rocks. Most of Mamie's stuff is now finally out of the apartment. Andy and I did discover, however, that the way to impress SMC girls is to carry a large purple and white pegasus around their campus.

This weekend I had two people independently point out to me that they were in Colorado and I wasn't. Perk did so in a friendly way, via email. Hagale did so in a mocking way, via a voicemail. Tony shall suffer. I wish I was in Colorado.

I am waging an epic battle in order to get my laptop booting linux again. The most recent kernel installed won't boot at all, it gets stuck when it tries to set the system clock. This kernel used to work. Other older kernels boot all the way, but the key mappings are all messed up so I had to experiment in order to figure out which keys map to what. I still haven't figured out how to type a space or a '.' ... but I got far enough such that I could bring up an external interface and ssh into the machine. But during my various attempts to get into the machine, it had to be hard rebooted several times. And eventually I got bit by that: extensive file system damage. After a manual fsck, I now have 350 entries in /lost+found. Luckily it seems most of the files in there are either random unimportant documentation or entries from my netscape cache, but I've not gone through all of them ... we'll see how things go. It's been several weeks now since Linux quit working on my powerbook, and MacOS 9 is simply not adequate as a developing environment.

I'm out of shape. I played soccer today with five other guys. I lasted about an hour and a half, but just barely. ugh.
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