Pete's Log: IU LinuxFest 2002

Entry #1247, (Travel)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)

So Brian like tells me about LinuxFest 2002 at IU and that Ian Murdock (who is, like, the founder of Debian) is gonna give a talk or something. So I'm all like, "Dude, that kicks ass!" and decided to go check that out. So Katie's like "take me with you!" and I'm like "ok!" but then she's all "no, I have to do work." But then I'm like "do it on the road." But she's like "ok, I'll come ... but no, I gotta ..." and I'm like "I'm gonna check my email here for a moment, so you can have some time to decide" and then she's like "ok, I'm coming!" So we went to Bloomington.

We got there at 1:30 or so in the morning. We slept and then we went to LinuxFest. Actually, Brian first gave me a tour of the machine room they have by their lab. Then we went to LinuxFest. Murdock gave a fun talk. I won "Linux in a Nutshell" and a bottle of Bawls as a door prize. Yay me! Then some cool guy gave Dr Lumsdaine, Brian, and I a tour of IU's really big machine room. It was hard to not drool. Then Brian gave a talk about Oscar. Then we looked at LinuxFest a little more. Then I talked with Dr Lumsdaine a little bit. That was excellent. Then Brian, Katie, Jeremy, Jeremiah, Ron, Todd, and I went to dinner at a Tibetan restaurant (yummy!). Then Jeremiah and Ron left and the rest of us went climbing at Hoosier Heights. Ow, my arms! It was mucho fun. What a good day it was.

Then today we drove back. And I've been asked to teach a class next semester. That'd be fun.