Pete's Log: Renaissance Pete

Entry #1248, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)

These past few days have been packed full o' fun. Let's see ...

Friday night I grabbed dinner with Cari and her mother, who was in town. We went to the Great Wall. It was yummy.

After dinner I went to Benchwarmers with Branden. There we met up with Pat Shea and some of his friends. Two bands played, both of them fun. And we played a lot of pool.

Branden and I got back to Fitzpatrick and played a little freeciv with a junior CSE type named Jim. After that, I took the two of them on a tour of the Fitzpatrick roof, since neither of them had ever been up there. I love the roof.

Saturday afternoon I went to watch Cari's singing recital. It was neat. I was impressed; I'd never heard her sing solo before. To my uneducated ear, she sounded very good.

Immediately after the recital I had food with Cari, her mom, Mad Dog, and Al. Then later I grabbed dinner at Elia's with Meagan.

After dinner we picked up Cari, drove to campus and grabbed Branden and Sordi, then drove to Castle Point and picked up Al. Those counting will have realized I had six people in my car at this point. We then went bowling. Pat, a friend of his, and Mad Dog joined us bowling. I scored a 117 and a 132. I even got two strikes in each game. Seeing how I've not bowled since high school, I was happy with that.

We then drove to senior bar (Mad Dog and Pat lightened up the load on my car some) where Jonny's non-Lester band played. We finished up the night at Cari's.

Sunday afternoon Meagan and I went to the Snite to see the B.F.A. and M.F.A. thesis exhibitions. Jeremy Renteria had a piece there and won an award! Some of the pieces were interesting, others just seemed silly to me. And there was one where I thought that what the artist said in his statement just plain wrong. But I'm not an artist, so who knows?

After the exhibit, Meagan and I went to the Thai place on Ironwood. Then I went to SMC and watched the Simpsons with Mamie. Then Meagan and I watched Disney's Hercules. Apparently watching this film actually had an educational value for Meagan.

Then tonight Katie and I went climbing at the Rock again. I'm definitely improving, but my arms are still very weak. But I climbed until I literally couldn't hold myself to the wall anymore. So much fun.

Oh, and somehow I also managed to read the entire archive of Schlock Mercenary over the weekend.