Pete's Log: Donau Radltour

Entry #1499, (Travel)
(posted when I was 29 years old.)

This past weekend, we (amasol AG) embarked on our annual Firmenausflug (company outing), a biking tour along the Danube. Saturday morning, we drove about 200 km from Munich to Passau. There we unloaded our bikes and started following the road along the North bank of the Danube.

At Markt Obernzell, the main road stopped following the river, and the bike path became more peaceful. It wasn't much longer before we crossed into Austria. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Danube, then continued to Schlögen. There we crossed the Danube in a bike ferry and found our hotel. The hotel was really nice and overlooked a narrow, 180 degree meander in the river. We had dinner on the balcony overlooking the river. In total, we biked about 40 km our first day.

After a relaxed breakfast, we biked another 28 km to Aschach on day 2. There we had lunch and relaxed a while before boarding a river cruise ship to take us back to Passau. This made for a relaxing trip, since all our biking was downhill.

The ship went through two locks on the trip back to Passau, and it certainly is entertaining to go through a lock with a bunch of engineer types. It was a fun trip, and I think a longer bike ride along the Danube would make for a fun vacation.

I created a map on google with some of the highlights. The images on the German side seem to be better than those on the Austrian side.