Pete's Log: Silly me

Entry #1513, (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 29 years old.)

I had to go out to the airport to pick up a ticket the other day. It was a pain, but one amusing thing arose. At the Air France ticket counter, I handed over my ID (Belgian) and explained that I needed to pick up tickets and here is my reservation number. When the guy behind the counter saw my counter, he says "Ah, vous etes belge" and switches to French. He asked me where from exactly, and I managed to answer that. It seemed amusing to play along. We completed the entire transaction in French, which amazed me. Granted, I mostly just had to give yes/no answers, but still.

Proof that maybe I really am just retarded: this is my new favorite song.

So, given the new low my musical taste has fallen to, I'd love to hear what great new songs/albums/artists my readers have come across lately. If I can get it on iTunes, I'll check it out. Leave a comment! :)