Pete's Log: London Tower and more

Entry #1669, (Travel)
(posted when I was 31 years old.)

Yesterday I spent a good four hours at London Tower. It was high on my list of sites to see, just because it seems so prominent in England's history and because it has featured in various books I've read, such as Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. I took the hour-long tour guided by a Yeoman Warder, and that was excellent. Then I bummed around for a few more hours. The only problem was how many other tourists were there. But since I was being a tourist myself, I guess I can't complain. And now I've finally seen the Crown Jewels.

Then I rode around on a tour bus for a while. It was a nice lazy way to spend an afternoon. And I may have learned one or two things. But the emphasis for me was on lazy.

I did not watch the Pittsburgh game, even though I learned of a potential spot to see it. I was too worn out to want to stay up, since the game didn't start until 1 am local time.

Today: more random wandering in London, then fly home.