Pete's Log: late night

Entry #1670, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 31 years old.)

I was in the office until 11 pm tonight. That's not unusual lately. Nobody forces me to, but there is plenty of work that needs doing.

On my way from the office to the subway, I was stopped by a guy whose car battery was dead. Along with a couple other guys he flagged down, we push started his car. Karma++? I was impressed, though, by how quickly the car was started. He got the engine running on his first try. It didn't cost me more than a minute or two of my time. The last time I helped somebody push start took much longer.

I stopped for a snack at Karlsplatz (Stachus) on my way home. While waiting there for a train, a rather intoxicated guy stumbled into the station and sprawled across several seats on the platform. He began quietly mumble-singing a tune that sounded vaguely familiar, and gradually got louder and more intelligible. I eventually was able to understand the lyrics he was singing, it was the refrain of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi song (I only know it's Lady Gaga because I just googled it). The song apparently gave him strength. He kept singing the refrain on repeat for a good five minutes, and as he was getting louder, he managed to sit up instead of sprawl, and then even to stand, albeit with support from the wall. Most everyone on the platform seemed quite amused.

Tony turned 30 yesterday. That made for an entertaining weekend.