Pete's Log: Super Bowl XLVII

Entry #1761, Tue, February 05, 2013, 23:06 CET (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 34 years old.)

So Sunday night (well, actually Monday morning) we had a Super Bowl party at Hüttenwirt. This was the fourth time I watched the game there, and possibly the best turnout.

I got there about 22:00, and spent the next couple hours explaining the rules to a few Germans. It is a remarkably complex game to try to explain to somebody who knows nothing about it. Especially in German. So during the explaining phase, Benjamin and Sky showed up and also learned more about the game, as well as Tim, who helped explain.

By game time, we had been joined by Dean, Bill, Thomas, Steve, Kim, and a few more of the home brewers. There were also a half dozen or so other HW regulars there, bringing us to a crowd of about 20. Antje made wings, nachos, and jalapeño poppers. She also had her usual marshmallows on sticks. It was good.

This year we decided to forgo the German coverage, and streamed the game. But our stream was from Canada, so while we got American commentators, the commercials were not the hyped up American ones. We got silly Canadian ones instead. We played our usual game of football squares, and Antje won both the second quarter and fourth quarter results.

Despite my half day of vacation, Monday was a bit rough. But the super bowl only happens once a year. And I just read that some Vegas bookies have the Broncos down as the current favorite to win next year. So here's looking forward to that.

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